When updating the Subscribe by Email plugin, sites lost their subscriber lists. How they restore?

Is this a known issue, losing existing list of subscribers when upgrading to newer version of Subscribe by Email? Any ideas how to get back the original subscribers? Thanks.

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    Hello there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    This is the first time I have seen any such issue. Did you take a database backup before updating the plugin ?

    If not I am not too sure if something that be done but the plugin would not wipe off the subscribers list.

    Which version did you update from ? Would it be possible for you to take a current database backup and downgrade the plugin to the previous version and see if you see the subscribers list ?

    If that does not work, I can have a closer look on your database to see if the data is there is the tables if you can send me the login details via our secure contact form

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    Looking forward for a response on this.


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    Hi so this issues has come up again.
    basically what is happening is that the upgrade is failing and all old subscribers are lost. when updating to the newest version, all new subscribers work from this point on, but no previous one are listed

    the version we were using and upgrading from is 2.4.6. we tried to upgrade to 3.5.4 and the list was still not there.

    there is definitely an issue with the upgrade as it is looking for tables that don't exist ie subscribers_table, it exists as subscribers.

    also getting the following error when trying to use 2.9 to upgrade to first.
    Unknown column 'mails_list' in 'where clause' for query SELECT * FROM wp_****_subscriptions_log_table WHERE mail_settings != '' AND ( mails_list = '' OR mails_list IS NULL )

    So maybe you can't upgrade that far with out doing smaller incremental upgrades first.

    can you please advise on the best upgrade path from 2.4.6 to the newest version.
    as i see from the change log there have been many issues along the way mainly 2.8 and 2.8.1


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    just to clarify the old subscribers are still in the database in the old table, they just are not being copied over or being merged into the new style of custom post that you guys are using to store it now.

    it works again when we downgrade back to 2.4.6, the old list shows up, and new subscribers not showing up (as they are a custom post now, not in option table, so won't be displayed)

    is their a fix to merge this list properly ? if an upgrade path won't help


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