when-updating-the-subscribe-by-email-plugin- the old subscriber-lists not copied over

I tried replying to an older ticket i created but never got a response so i am creating a new ticket with a link to the problem, and maybe someone else can help?


someone please advise of the best upgrade path from 2.4.6 to current version of 3.5.4. where the upgrade actually works. this is installed on wordpress multisite.


  • Majid

    Hi there cyri
    I hope you are having a nice day :slight_smile:

    The latest version is now a lot different than the version you have installed ( 2.4.6 ). and the main changes are the way the subcribers are stored and how the exporter works. In this version the subscribers are stored in the database as custom post types, however in the old version they were stored in their own table, And regarding the exporter, back then it was generating a .csv file that is now not supported.
    So after doing some tests, I was able to succesuly import subscribers from the old to the new using the export option and importing them to the new.

    But before doing that, you need to change the file located at \wp-content\plugins\subscribe-by-email\admin\admin-export-subscribers-page.php with this one I'm attaching, make sure you unzip it.

    After that being done, you just need to export the subscribers, Subscriptions > Export Subscribers This will genarate a csv file that is compatible with the new version. ( I changed some of the code of the exorter, the file you replaced in the previous step ).

    Now, you can run the update. Once that complete you just need to import the subscribers using Subscriptions > Add subscribers > Import Subscribers.

    This should be all, but let me know if you need any further assistance.


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