When user doesn't pay, & they logged in, there's no redirect to the payment page.

In pro site, if user registration site but the user doesn't pay then log out when he logs in it will show blank dashboard and no button line to the payment page.

It should redirect to the Pro-site payment page when they go to their site, however, this redirect doesn't seem to be working, and thus, for some reason the user has no ability at all to pay.

When that unpaid user visits account page to pay manually, you get: Sorry, but it appears you are not an administrator for any sites.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi leoventans,

    I was doing some extensive testing and the behavior on your site seems to be specific to the settings you have enabled and with same thing on my installation I was able to replicate the issue.

    The thing here is that before the payment is made the subsite is only reserved not created as well, so when you go to your profile in backend there's no actual link to the subsite in question as it's not existent yet.
    However if you go to your Pro Site page (Shop in your case) the site and price will be already selected and you can continue to payment from there and your site will be created.

    I have tested this process on both your and my installation and that part works fine.

    I will report this to the developer so they can see how this could be improved in future so that reserved sites payment can be accessed if client has bailed before completing the payment.

    Best regards,

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