When users create a site, even if domain is mapped, it takes you to the domain of the root installat

The title explains this one…

When users create a site, even if domain is mapped to their domain, it takes you to the domain of the root installation!?

Under my domain mapping options I have selected “mapped domain” for the administration. What I can’t understand is why when I am in the administration area, why doesn’t the url stay at the mapped domain for creation of the new site?

Perhaps I need Multiple Networks to make it resolve.

What are your thoughts?

  • dunskii
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    hi karmikovic,

    I have mine set for “domain entered by user” and it doesnt change to the root domain.

    saying that I haven’t changed that setting in a while just incase a client has book marked for the other domain option and something goes amiss

    hope that helps a little


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Greetings @karmikovic

    I’m not too sure I understand you correctly. Can you confirm what setup you’ve got? You mentioned:

    Perhaps I need Multiple Networks to make it resolve.

    Does that mean you don’t have a multisite setup? Please give me a bit more information about what you’re trying to achieve so I can better assist you.

    Have a good day and look forward to receive your feedback.


  • karmikovic
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    Gina, I have a normal WPMU setup, which according to my understanding is a network of non-multisites.

    I probably will have to have a network of networks,

    Currently when an existing user is creating another site, it will be created with the root installation domain in the URL.

    Also, for creating a network of networks, or network of multisites, I have found the following plugins:

    Networks for WordPress – free from wordpress.org/plugins

    Networks + – bought this from wpebooks

    Multi-Network -had to add some code to get it to work

    Have you heard if one is better than the other? Do they do the same thing? Have you heard if they cause trouble with other plugins?

    Any thoughts or advice is again appreciated!



  • dunskii
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    With my setup if a user enters theirdomain.rootdomain.com and they have a mapped domain it redirects to theirdomain.com.

    I could be wrong but due to the redirect it shouldn’t effect the seo

    But if they entered theirdomain.rootdomain.com/wp-admin it doesn’t change.

    As for the seo side of thing, the admin side doesnt really matter (well for me anyways) as I dont want people googling my settings and all that side should be hidden from the bots.


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Ok, you have a multisite WordPress install and you would like to let users create sites such as site1.mydomain.com and site2.mydomain.com and have it point to their own domains? In that case you would like to create sub-domains.

    I personnally haven’t used any of the plugins you mentioned. For the setting that I described above you could use our Pro Sites Plugin. This would give you the ability to create a network of networks, as you put it :slight_smile:

    Let me know if you need any further assistance and all the best with your setup.

    Have a good day!


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