When users register for a new site using a subdomain on a multi-domain, the root domain is sent for

Network is set up using subdomains.
Multi-domains is installed.

Issue Walkthrough:
1. user visits signup page on main URL
2. user enters first page of info, clicks next.
3. user enters site domain
4. user selects root domain from multi-domain dropdown
5. user signs up
6. receives activation email. URLs in email do not contain subdomain, only root domain. for example, I signed up for test11.financialadvisorsnj.com but my activation email says:
To activate your blog, please click the following link:


After you activate, you will receive *another email* with your login.

After you activate, you can visit your site here:

7. user clicks to activate, is brought to root URL activation page, informing them that they have successfully activate the site, but still showing root URL
8. no new site is created in network admin
9. new row is added in _signups table for root domain, not subdomain.

Any ideas? Thanks!