When using a custom role permission for posts, taxonomy still uses "post" permission

So technically that wasn’t a question, I guess I could have put “why does this happen?” but I would rather like to know “how can we fix it?”.

I have setup a custom role “book” and allow any member who is registered to the site to be able to put their book into the system. However, when I logged into my test account I have found that the two taxonomies I have created (as “public”:wink: do not allow editing by a “subscriber” level user.

ScreenShot: http://cl.ly/KftK

It works fine in my admin account and when I upgraded the persons permissions it worked. I have the subscriber permission (under “book” rule set, not “post”:wink: to be able to edit their own books and post new books.

It seems to me that we just need to make it so that either:

1) the taxonomy respects the content type’s permissions.


2) the taxonomy requests permissions independently