when we enter data into the wysiwyg form field, the lines do not wrap

We have installed the plugin and have two questions.

1. This may be a bug, see jing below that I made for the site owner and our coder, it regards the wysiwyg editor where a question is inputted the characters DO NOT wrap, but go off the screen carrying the input field with them (jing will show you)


2. On the “Ask a Question” screen


is it mandatory that ONLY a registered user be able to ask a question? And if so, shouldn’t there be a link on that page that allows a visitor to create a user account? If I click “Login and Submit” it takes me directly to…


but there is nothing on that page that allows someone visiting for the first time to create a user account? It seems the visitor would be confused concerning what to do next and likely we’d lose them? Other that than, EXCELLENT plugin, you guys are good.

Thank you.