When will Membership2 Pro be done (include support for 2Checkout payments)?

I'm looking forward to upgrading to your new flagship membership plugin, Membership 2 Pro. I need to know when it will accommodate 2Checkout payments, so I can make the transition. Can you give me an estimate for when this will be done? I'm sure you don't want to leave any of your Membership Pro users behind as you shift your focus to developing and supporting this new membership plugin. For those of us left in the dust, the new plugin won't feel complete until we can use it too... otherwise, it doesn't really feel like an upgrade to Membership Pro, and my concern is that you won't want to continue maintaining and improving the Membership Pro plugin when the new one is the direction you really want to take. To help bring the rest of us along, you really need to incorporate 2CO payments. Do you have any estimate for when that will happen? Thanks, jas