When Will Ultimate Branding Allow Subsites To Set Their Own Favicons?

Hello All,

I thought I recalled a thread about a mod that allowed each subsite in a network to set its own favicon even when it used the same theme as other subsites, but I can't find it.

I also thought there was mention of that being added as a feature in Ultimate Branding.

It could be another great PRO feature.

Or have I imagined the whole thing?

Regardless, I am seeking to provide each subsite admin with the ability to set their own favicon on their site. The same theme may be used multiple times by different subsites, so the soltion would probably need to store the favicon for eash site in the blog.dir files folder for the subsite.

Can anyone point me toward a plugin solution that does this?

Perhaps something like this but in a plugin?


I have looked at a bunch of favicon plugins in the WP repository, but this scenario does not seem to be covered unless I overlooked a feature on one of them.

Any help will be appreciated.

Phil D