When you look at an event on the iPad (BP Fun theme)

When you look at an event on the iPad (BP Fun theme) the text after a heading runs straight on. It does not appear UNDERNEATH the heading like it does on a desktop.

can this be fixed as it is a BUG.

In fact there are lots of BUGs raised previously for this theme that have not been fixed...eg

1. In portrait mode, menu 2 at the top of the page DISAPPEARS?
2. On a smartphone ONLY menu 2 (the secondary menu) shows. The MAIN MENU does NOT show.

Can these please be looked at ESP as mobile usage is increasing rapidly.

thank you.

  • aristath

    Hello there @Karen,

    The BP Fun theme is NOT mobile friendly or responsive and does not support iPads, iPhones or anything other than desktops.

    This is not a bug... it was simply not created to do what you want to do.

    If you want a mobile-friendly BuddyPress theme, then please select a theme that is made for that use, or if you wish to use this theme, then you can convert it to support mobiles by writing some custom CSS using CSS's media-queries: http://css-tricks.com/css-media-queries/


  • Karen


    Thanks for that.

    I was not aware that it was not mobile-friendly or I would have picked one that was.

    I was looking for the simplest looking theme I could find of the WPMU ones.

    It isn't unreasonable - given the direction of websites - that they would all be HTML5 and be taking mobile (the fastest growing use of websites) into account.

    From the BP Fun theme profile:

    "Unlike many other BuddyPress themes at WPMU DEV we make sure our themes give your site a total consistent look."

    I would think that this means not only internally consistent - but consistent across all gadgets.

    I will check out the CSS suggestion. Thanks for that reference. It looks interesting.


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