Where and how to add table within our Multi-db installation?

Hi Support-Team,

obviously our database is missing an important table to operate hazzlefree. The following message was displayed

The wp_iayq_13_comments table is not okay.

It is reporting the following error:

Table ‘bestofv2_c5.wp_iayq_13_comments’ doesn’t exist.

WordPress will attempt to repair this table…

Failed to repair the wp_iayq_13_comments table.

Error: Table ‘bestofv2_c5.wp_iayq_13_comments’ doesn’t exist

Am wondering would it be enough to create two tables named


and a second one named



in which database? Perhaps in the .global one or in another one? And how many fields would I have to create within those tables? Can I name the fields anyhow?

Please be so kind forward your professional advice.

Big thank you in advance.