Where are facebook comments saved if not on Facebook?


I am testing facebook comments right now, I wanted to see what happens if the user is not logged in via facebook and if they are.

If the user is logged in via facebook, they can put a checkmark posting the comment to Facebook.

So in order to test I made a comment, and removed that checkmark.

The comment was shown on the site, not on Facebook, so far so good.

But as an administrator, I have not way of deleting such a comment. It does not show in the usual wordpress comment system, and only the user who posted the facebook comment can remove it.

So how do you handle trolls, and spam if you use the facebook comment system? I guess you can’t or what?

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  • andr__s_cajiao
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    I saw this post before but I didn't know if I could help or not, so I didn't post, but since you haven't got much answers I will post what I have to say :slight_smile:

    I use the comments plug plugin and it works pretty fine for me, I posted in the blog but not in the social networks and I got the comment in my dashboard as a comment that awaits moderation, maybe you can add that plugin to override Ultimate Facebook (just as a quick solution) because this might be a case of a bug.

    Anyways, that's my suggestion for you.


  • henrik_gregersen
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    Hi Jack.

    In addition to the build in wordpress comment system.

    And I would like to keep all facebook related things with the ultimate Facebook plugin and not mix it with the comments plus for instance.

    But could it be that the site is password protected (since its in development)

    I get an warning when I am testing.

    The page (URL) is unavailable. So could this be the reason why I can’t see the comments in the wordpress backend?

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