Where are my sign up pages in Pro Sites?

Hi all. Finally got Pro Sites working to the point where I can actually get a test subdomain to display. Yay!!

Now on to what I thought would be the easy part, getting sign up pages posted on my site. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to actually guide visitors to the Pro Sites offerings. I'm wanting to offer the Etsy style setup as one of several options on my site. But right now, if I invite someone to check out the site, though I may mention that the option is available, there's no way for them to browse and see if it may be something they want.

I looked at the tutorials. Tried using my fake sign in acct to see what would display. No deal.
Am I missing a shortcode or something? I tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin to see if some pages would auto-generate. Nothing. What am I missing? Please help.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello l_e

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    While you are logging in with your test account as a site owner, you should see a menu "Your account" in your site admin dashboard. If you go there, you will see your current subscription and the other subscription option as well.

    Please let me know, if you see that.


  • l_e
    • Flash Drive

    I am well. Thanks. Hope you are too. And thanks for your response. I can see what you are referring to in the test account. I set that account up from inside my network admin dashboard. My question is, how do I get people to ever opt to have an acct. How would a new visitor to my main site be able to explore that option? How can I display a page that shows what the levels are to the casual visitor?

    I have some form of intro pages for the Directory Plug-in, the subscription plugin, Membership, Q&A, etc. Where is that for the Pro Sites plug-in?

  • l_e
    • Flash Drive

    Ok. I understand that. However, I'm not sure how I would go about creating such a link. Say, I did create a table that shows what each level offers along with the costs. Then, I'd need to link to a page where visitors would input info to ultimately begin blogging and I'd need to make all of this a seamless part of my overall theme. Forgive me, but that's what I signed up for the WPMU service for. Because I don't know how to do create pages like that. Overall, my experience with WPMU has been great. But this particular issue seems to be a problem for many of your clients. It's disappointing that there hasn't been a fix created for this.

  • l_e
    • Flash Drive

    I've been looking through some of the threads on this issue. Apparently, mysite.com/wp-signup.php gives a signup page. I used that through a dummy name and got a site setup. The whole thing is very crude. But at least it's a start.

    I was expecting to see an upgrade option with a lovely level/cost grid that I may be able to copy and paste to the front end. In lieu of a shortcode to help intro the product. But I didn't see any upgrade option. What happened? When you asked me to check that before, I went as far as seeing the "Your account" links but didn't click on them. Because that wasn't my issue. I just assumed everything was ok. Now I'm seeing that if I click on "Your Account" I get a page not found" page on my network admin site. This is the case on both of my test sites. One I created as admin, the other as a regular visitor.

    Did I not configure something properly?

  • l_e
    • Flash Drive

    Sorry. I used an incompatible file format for the screenshots. The attached screenshots show what the dashboard looks like. And the two pages that come up when I click on 'Your Account'. I've gone through the tutorial videos several times. I wish there was one that actually showed what the page should look like where the visitor would have the option to upgrade.

    Also, the edublogs site is really pretty, but I have no idea how to set up anything comparable as far as level/cost grids, attractive signup pages. But I guess that's another issue. For now, I just want to get what I do have working properly. If you'd like to take a look in the dashboard I'm fine with that.

  • l_e
    • Flash Drive

    Ok. I tried to send the screenshots but the file size is too large. Basically, the first one showns the admin panel with the Your Account side item open. In it, the options are: Your Account, Premium Support, Premium Plugins, Bulk Upgrade. There is no option to upgrade one site. Even the bulk upgrades link doesn't show the features for the level that one may upgrade to.

    If I click on Your account. I basically get taken to a blank page with my site template with 1 of 2 headings: Page not found or Emall Sign up Page.

    That's it. No features list. No upgrade options.

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