Where are my WPMU Plugins

Hey All...I posted this question as part of a conversation I was having, but this is unrelated...

I had trouble installing my WPMU plugins for my site, http://www.exaholics.com and ended up having some files in my regular Plugin folder, it's now fixed. BUT...

When I log in to my my admin area, under Plugins, I now have a new area on top where it shows me "All" "Inactive" etc. but this one is called "Must Use" which I hadn't had before. All of my WPMU plugins (listed below) are in this list...but not in the "Active" area.

I can't find how to apply them to my site. I suspected they would be under Widgets, but they are not. Am I missing an overall "master MU Plugin"

Do I have to uninstall/deactivate any other plugins before these can work? I have a bunch of bp plugins already installed on the site that I hope these will replace.

I don't see any of these widgets in the Apearance > Widgets area.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer...

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