where are some links to learn how to do serious graphic design on a WP site?

okay. so now that i’m getting the multipress skeleton together, it’s time to go into the far more graphical side of wordpress design.

i want to learn how to create photoshop files and incorporate them into pages.

can you provide me with some links to get started in this?

also, i’ve noticed there are multiple plug-ins which allow for visual layout of pages. however, I want to create a very custom visual look and layout for POSTS.

like, let’s say I wanted POSTS to be fit into something that looked like an old tattered journal page, and I posted them onto a background a WP PAGE with the old journal look.

How do I adjust the visual look of POSTS? like, very, artistically visual. analog looking. i’m doing a book of yoga and mystical techniques; i want to go with the old book, future primitive visual theme.

thanks in advance