Where are the directories located

I have installed Multy Site and all looks almost okay. I've selected to use subdirectories, not sub domains...I have created the first site, which name is sanjuanbautista and it has 4 pages. You can access it from this URL:
The thing is that I'm trying to access to this directory to see all the files in it, but I can't find it. Where is it located?
The url of the mine multi site is http://www.aqplink.com/
Thank you

  • aristath

    Does it mean that the system doesn't generate an independent directory for every site it is created with multi site?

    WordPress uses PHP which is a dynamic language. What that means is that the "content" does not necessarily exist in a file on your system. Instead of that, your content is generated on the fly depending on the client's request.
    The text for your posts is saved in a database, the images are saved in the wp-content/uploads folder and so on.

    What is it exactly that you want to change?

    If you provide us with some more details about what you want to do and post a link to your website we'll be able to help you out more efficiently...

    Please advise,

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