Where are WPMU's jobs and Feature requests?

Hi again :slight_smile:

like the previous topic, I post that in “feedback”, I hope it’s the correct place, because it’s about…. this site

well, I followed a link in a topic which lead me to WPMU Jobs, and how NICE, it was the old design, with clear background and warm colors :wink: well it’s not about the colors because it’s your choice, but I realised then that the new site’s menu was missing important things, especially WPMU’s jobs and also the uservoice feature requests

also, while I was there, I created a new profile for jobs (offering translations to french btw if anyone interested :wink: but now I cannot go back to edit that (add an image, add details to my bio, etc).

I googled again for the address and went back to https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs/ but then if I try go to the dashboard (I thought I could have access to my profile there), I get the message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

about uservoice feature requests, is that still valid? ok I can access with


but this is nowhere here in the menu/site (or I’m wrong and just didn’t find?) and no more the little overlay at the bottom of the page

this topic is maybe a little useless, just that I wonder if those are not active anymore

have a nice day