Where can I find documentation about the pluhin? (or specially for the payment process?)

Dear Experts

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I have a question that is not really technical question. I would like to learn more detailled about the payment Process in Domain Mapping Plugin. I’m using the eNom Domain Reseller Option.

I learned some basics with Trial-and-Error method by using the plugin, abd I really appreciate the possibilities of this great plugin. At the not yet everything is working, but I am trying to sort out my technical issues with the plugin.

I would like to read more detailled about it. The threads here on the page help for some questions, and the Video Shows a quick overview. In order to get a more detailled overview I would like to read a documentation. I do not need a very detailled technically description, but it’s more about “what are the possibilities”.

For example I ask myself questions like:

– With payment in Domain mapping over ProSite Payment Gateway, will it be a recurring payment?

What happens after 1 year? Afaik the in the eNom Settings it’s possible to send “Renewal Reminders to registrants 26, 10 and 2 days prior to domain expirations, and also 3 days after domain expirations”.

– How will the payment then work? Does the customer have to Login and pay again on my site?

– Or direct to eNom?

– What happens if he doesn’t pay? Will the Domain become invalid, or will it automatically renew and I will be charged from eNom, but I do have to run for the Money from the customer?

– What happens if the payment Gateway is set to use ProSite Payment Gateway? Will that Change the funcionality or rebilling Options?

– Or is rebilling Option not available at all?

– etc. etc. etc.

Questions over questions, not necessary to answer them here in this thread, but if available I would like to read documentation and learn more about the functionality of the plugin. Is a such a documentation available? If yes, where could I find it?

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