Where can I find sample html code to help in designing a popup? subscription form, hot button, ads

Would like to have similar popups as shown on WPMUDEV site for the popup plugin.

  • Paul

    What I would like to be able to do is to have several different call-to-action popups targeted to different user groups on my site Bloggers Classifieds.

    My specific questions are:

    Can I create my own image, for example Special 50% Off Listing Fee, and redirect visitors who click on this image to a specific url?

    How can I create a call-to-action popup similar to the email subscription popup shown on WPMU DEV Popup page? Image that includes fillable form and submit button?

    I do understand that I only paid $19 for this plugin which is a great value and obviously has limited capabilities but I would like to know if this plugin will meet my needs.

    Thanks for your help Jack!

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Paul,

    Hope you're well today :slight_smile:

    Sure, the best way is to create a image and then embed that image into a pop-up using the media editor.

    The on-click rule, is built in to use a element class, though soon we'll have shortcodes as well, but at the moment, you need for example a css class or ID, then on click of that class or ID the pop-up, shows, would that work for you?

    For the submittable pop-up, you can use a shortcode in a pop-up, so you could use something like Contact Form 7 and create a form, then use the form shortcode in the Pop Up, if that makes sense?


    Kind Regards

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