Where can my visitor register to create their blog ?


I have a problem with the Social Theme. I'm doing a new version of one of our blog networks, and on the new site I cannot find the way for the people to register and create a new blog.

On the old website, people can register their account and blog by going to the page : http://www.ageneve.net/inscription

On the new website (http://www.envalais.ch/agva16/), it doesn't work. I've created the page "inscription" but it doesn't work, it tells me :

Permission Denied

Not Found / No Access

The page you are looking for either does not exist, or you do not have the permissions to access it.

I know I'm supposed to create the page "inscription", but then I don't know how to make the system understand it's the page where the blog should display the register form.

I also tried with the standard "http://www.envalais.ch/agva16/register" link but it display the same error message.

Please note that I didn't install BuddyPress on the new site. Is buddypress needed to allow people to register a website themselves or not ?

And if not, how can I make it so the "inscription" ("register" in French) page I created display the correct subscription form as it does on the old site here : http://www.ageneve.net/inscription ?

Thanks a lot for your help !