Where did everything go?

I can't find my affiliate link or my recent posts!
I "asked a question" but have no idea if it has been answered. How do I find it?
Maybe it's just because things have been moved, but I'm not loving the new site.
Please point me to the three things I actually use.

  • dubya
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Ok, so it seems that "asking a question" starts a new thread. Now I know.
    In another thread, (the one I "asked a question" about) we have found the affiliate links & banners, and come to think of it, I think I'm thinking of another forum where I can see my recent posts (not just started threads) in my profile. So I guess this can be closed.
    Sorry guys, everything used to be easy to find.

  • dubya
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey! I just discovered that if I click on the logo at the top left, I can find my recent posts!!! :smiley:
    I was having a hard time finding them if I navigated away from the thread. I only found that you had responded just now. Is that new or have I been overlooking that from day one? Or is that only available if you are NOT using the dashboard plugin?

    To answer your question:

    No. I tried the dashboard but it conflicts with my theme's admin menu. Besides, I was being easily confused using a site within my back end, especially because I couldn't access the wpmu back end from within my back end. You have to actually go to the site to access all of the features including the affiliate links/stats (and, as I just discovered, recent posts).

    I have reverted back to the latest version of the update notifications plugin. Other than the constant nag about 1 update being available, everything is as it was. Never say never, I'm sure I will test a future version of dashboard on one of my dev sites.

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder


    Dubya, you've always been able to get to your profile from that link, but that "My Recent Activity" has always displayed what you downloaded (even with the old theme). Now, this I'm lovin' - not just likin'.

    I've never installed the dashboard plugin that everyone is chatting about, but I'm curious since you did. Did you install that on some WP Install that you are working on? And then, it gave you access to WPMUDev "from" that WP install? Is that what I'm understanding?

    If so, that's pretty neat, but with about 65+ WP installs that I'm responsible for, it would server little purpose for me that I can think of. Guess that I need to dig into that tool a little more to see if it has some value.

    Oh, just in case a mod didn't hear me at the first of this post - I'm LOVIN' the "My Recent Activity" section now. Before it was of very little value just telling me what I had recently downloaded.

    Thanks again for a great forum here.


  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Yep, that's what it does :slight_smile:

    And you can hide it on client sites :slight_smile:

    If you want to totally hide everything so its not visible to anyone then simply use the following in your wp-config.php:

    define(‘WPMUDEV_HIDE_BRANDING’, true);

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