Where did request new plug-in upgrades go?

Y'all used to make it really (before new theme and dashboard interface) easy for users to suggest new things they would like to see in plug-ins. Either you got tired of member wanking, or put this where I can't find it.

So, here is my request. Membership is my favorite plug-in on the planet. It rocks, it works, it makes me happy. Only thing is, every single time I install this, I have to change the copy for all of the sign-up pages manually.

The copy provided provides a title (which may not be needed on some pages - I mean some of us actually like to describe services offered in detail, and a silly title is not needed). The copy also is subscription specific. Being able to change this to a term like Membership or other might be nice.

When at the actual website: The instructions included in the pages that are static give you a choice of choosing from multiple available subscriptions.

If you offer one subscription option, you are screwed, as the text will not relate to what you offer.

If this plug-in happened to offer a dashboard page where users could replace the base code text currently in use with ease,

A) I could be lazy as I wish I could be right now.
B) Anyone could use this plug-in. People who can use the text as is, but also everyone else on the planet

Membership is complicated as, well, you know the word. After you get a feel for it, it is really simple and intuitive, but at the start it is pretty hard-core.

If users could be provided with a simple dashboard solution to altering base text for these pages, it would make the whole learning curve a whole lot less painful.