Where do I control what is appearing on the home page?

Where do I control what is appearing on the home page?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Ann!

    Are you trying to set up the navigation menu for your site? We love helping, but if you can provide us with as many details as possible about the issue you're having, it will help us help you faster. We're pretty good at figuring things out, but a few extra details in your questions to us can really help here.

    But here's a general overview:
    1. You can control whether your front page (what users view when they visit your exact URL, like http://www.yoursite.com) is a static page, with the same content each visit, or a list of your most recent blog posts. This is done in Settings > General, in the admin sidebar of your admin dashboard.
    2. This screenshot is of the menu settings. Depending on your theme, you may have multiple areas where you can place a menu. You can create as many menus as you like with the menu tool in your screenshot, but it looks like there are two menu areas on your theme. You can create a menu for each of these, and click the area where they are to appear at the bottom, where it says "Theme Locations." There's also an option here to automatically add new pages to your menu. I usually recommend users don't check this, rather that they add pages to their menus manually as needed.
    3. You can also control what appears in your sidebars, if you have them, by going to Appearances > Widgets. If you'd like to have custom widgets per page, you can use the Widget visibility tool that comes with JetPack (free), or a plugin like our Custom Sidebars Pro, both of which give you options to control what widgets appear on what pages.
    4. If you're talking about styling, the actual appearance of the page, we can change some elements with custom CSS, with a better idea of what you want to change, and how you want it to change.

    If this is actually about CoursePress menus, which I think it might be, are you trying to add the CoursePress menu items to your regular navigation menu, rather than in their own menu? If so, go to CoursePress> Settings > General > Theme Menu items and uncheck the box, then save. You can now add CoursePress pages to your regular navigation menu, and avoid using the default CoursePress menu.

    Hope this helps, Ann! I covered a lot of bases here, just in case. Let me know if you need more information on any of these items.

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