Where is the db-config.php file in a local hosted site by mamp?

I'm trying to install multi-db on a local site to be published. I have finished the first three steps but I can't locate the db-config.php. file.

Also. If I can install it on the local before uploading it to my hosted site. What would be the steps to reconfigure?


  • Patrick

    Hi @jeduhu

    Welcome to the forums!

    I can't locate the db-config.php. file

    Use either of the db-config-sample.php files provided, swap out the sample info with your own and rename to db-config.php

    What would be the steps to reconfigure?

    Double and triple-check everything in db-config.php! Also, update move-blogs.php with the correct info for your live site.

    Worse-case scenario: migrating to a live environment breaks everything. It happens :slight_frown:

    In this case, create a new database for your live site, and go through the multi-db creation process again with your new db on the live site.

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