Where is the Events Archive page or how do I create one?

My Events+ slug is /events/ (e.g. /events/2012/11/my-event/ )

But going to /events/ is a 404. /events/2012/ and /events/2012/11/ are all 404’s too.

Is there an Events+ archive page to show all the events — and if some of the events are assigned to a specific BuddyPress group, only the events you have access to are displayed?

If one person belongs to 5 groups, it’s not reasonable for them to have to visit each BP group’s events tab (which is not pretty and just shows a calendar so you have to click “next” or “previous” until you find an even that you know should be there — not a good way to discover upcoming events).

If not, please add to the wish list.

Thank you.