where is the formating of the newsletter because everything is shifted to the right.

I am trying to facilitate the newsletter plugin and will have to go with what it currently displays but it shifts everything to the right by about 150 pixels. this frame in frame is ok but where are the settings to adjust the frame border width. this is unacceptable. also the content editor does not allow for tables or a text view so we are using the email title area for the entire email. it works but is not user friendly. email title: should be more restrictive and the content editor should offer a text view if tables are not offered. not all clients want to display just text or just pictures and they have their own concept of how the newsletter should be presented no matter how it will be received. then I go over how it will be received with my client and we work on making compromises until everyone and every viewer are on the same page.
how do I adjust the border width. 150 pixels is not acceptable. thanks in advance.