Where is the guide for Snapshot migration for multisite?

I would like to use Snapshot to migrate a multisite from a test domain to live a domain.
But I cant see any tutorials about this!

How to do?

and please dont just link to " support forum thread" - I need a step by step guide - I dont have time to waste on trial and error!

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello KunSoren,

    There is no Multisite migration guide because restoring subsites works almost the same as single sites.

    First you need to make snapshots of all subsites separately. When you have this done, you need to import them and restore in your new Multisite.
    So I assume you have already installed multisite and Snapshot - so you need to import all the snapshots you created.
    After you import them, you can restore them. Start with main site, and then with subsites.

    Please note that Snapshot is was not created as migration tool, but was meant to do backups - so you need to have your subsites already created. Snapshot will not create them from backups.

    Three main steps: creating snapshot, importing and restoring are described with details here https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/snapshot/#product-usage

    To summarize:
    1. Create snapshots of your whole Multisite (subsite after subsite).
    2. Import them (I am personally using Dropbox for remote location of my snapshots, it is easier to import them later) to new Multisite that already has created subsites.
    3. Restore each snapshot starting from main site in your new Multisite.

    When you start restoring you will be ask every time to what subsite restore backup - that's why you have to create them before.

    kind regards,

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