Where is the live page for the affiliates plugin?

So I have installed the plug in but I cannot for the life of me find it on my site. I want to be able to give people the link of where to go to become an affiliate but if I cannot locate it not sure how I can do it

  • DavidM

    Hi @Jessica,

    I hope you're well today! :slight_smile:

    Sorry you're experiencing some trouble with this one. I think it may help to explain a few things.

    Affiliates is actually designed to work "out of the box" with the following plugins:

    Using any of those, your site's users can become affiliates and you can track their referrals and resulting sales.

    If you're using MarketPress for the events sales, Affiliates can definitely track that.

    But also, relevant to your project, you could use our Events+ plugin for the event and then associate that event with a product in MarketPress, so that MarketPress would be used for the event sales and you could then track that with Affiliates.

    Going further, with Affiliates installed and configured, when users log in and go to their dashboard on your site, they'll see the Affiliates menu page, where they'll get all their affiliate details, including referral statistics.

    You could also create a Page and include the various Affiliates shortcodes, as noted on the bottom of the Usage page here:

    I'll copy those here for easy reference:

    [affiliatelogincheck] – place this at the top of the page that you are planning on using the rest of the shortcodes on and it will display a login message if the user isn’t logged in.
    [affiliateuserdetails] – mirrors the affiliate details form from the admin area (yellow box)
    [affiliatestatstable] – mirrors the large click statistics table
    [affiliatevisitstable] – mirrors the referrers this month table
    [affiliatetopvisitstable] – mirrors the top referrers table
    [affiliatestatschart] – mirrors the main statistics charts
    [affiliatevisitschart] – mirrors the referrers charts
    [affiliatebanners] – displays the banners you add to your affiliate settings

    Would that work for you and/or is that how you were intending to achieve this?

    Or, if you had some other way in mind, could you let me know and I'll have a look with you on that?


  • Jessica

    Since it took a while for you to get back to me, I sort of researched this answer myself.

    I don't have a paid membership site. I just want my associates to be able to become an affiliate without joining anything. Originally, I was just going to purchase the affiliate plugin. Why would you sell that by itself if it does not work by itself? That is a little misleading. I thought I could quickly set up and affiliate page but that proved not to be the case.

    FYI, I already had tried to use the short code on a separate affiliate page I made and it did not work at all, I am not sure why but nothing was there where I had put the short code even after updating and saving the page.

    I really don't want to have to change my event plugin at the moment. Only because I have an event March 1st and I am extremely busy right now and I don't have time to set up a whole new event page. I really was just looking for a quick way to market the event. I wanted to create an affiliate program and then send out to my list to help market the event. I am using event espresso for this one

    At this time, I don't think this membership will work for me. I guess I will have to go through the process to get my money refunded. To be honest, this whole thing has wasted valuable time. You should put on the affiliate plug in page before you purchase that it will only work out of the box with your plugins.

  • DavidM

    Hi @Jessica,

    Thanks for your feedback. Really, the plugin technically works by itself in that it does track affiliate links/clicks. You can get statistics as such from the plugin without integration with the other plugins I mentioned.

    It's just that if you want to use it for sales tracking, it has to tie into the respective sales process.

    As you mentioned you'd like your associates to become affiliates, you can certainly track such stats as the referrals they send. If you've got a sales process that you want them to receive commission on, that would need to be tied into.

    The following article from our blog explains how to make that happen:

    Basically, the plugin was designed so as to be able to tie into any existing system. It's just that "out of the box" it doesn't specifically integrate with other than the 4 plugins I mentioned.

    However, I'm really sorry to hear this membership might not work out for you. We'd love to assist you in using our service however possible. But you can also contact us through our contact form here to discuss that further.


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