Where Is The Option For Widget Content in Hustle?

Team WPMU,

The old Slide-In plugin had this nifty feature where you could use widgets in the content area - I can't find it when building custom content in the new Hustle 2.0.

Was this feature not carried over? If not, can it be? It made a lot of things much, much easier.


  • Vaughan

    Hi Rob,

    Currently Hustle plugin is not replacing SlideIn plugin, however, we do have plans in future to merge all the features of Slide-in & Pop-up Pro into Hustle.

    At this moment in time it isn't possible to use sidebars in Hustle.

    Though 1 way you could try (I haven't tried this) is if you could use a plugin such as


    So you can then use a shortcode in the Content to display a particular widget.

    Hope this helps

  • jetmac

    Hey, Vaughan great to see you!

    I had guessed as much, though it's hard to hide my disappointment. As not all email integrations are supported, being able to use widgets as a "non-technical/non-code" workaround would have been great.

    Like many plugins, Hustle is a great concept. But, it's the refinements that really make it. Not sure I can go live with this one on my network until it's less finnicky and easier to use.

    I've experimented with AMR before, and we even have it on the network, but I definitely consider that to be a "network admin" plugin as the directions to use are so circumspect. I'm looking for a solution members can use on their own.

    I think for any non-supported plugin I'll have them use custom-content with the action button directing them to their newsletter signup landing page.

    And, let's be honest, Hustle IS replacing those two plugins. Best to own up to it and move forward. Half measures are only going to cause more discontent.

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