Where is the q&a plugin profile page and categories display?

I'm giving q&a one last shot before I go with simple press. I need to know where the menu link is for the user's profile page and categories display for ease of navigation etc. Is there a shortcode for the profile page?
What about a list of q&a categories to pick from?
The usage instructions come up a bit short.

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    ok I see that Q&A widgets show up in my appearance/widgets area. Nice to figure that out.
    But, that means the Q&A widgets show up on my public blog site too and everywhere the sidebar is.
    I really only wanted that to show up only on the q&a area and not the blog widgets.
    Not sure how to proceed with that.

    Also, I found that the profile is accessible by clicking the tiny little user name when in the q&a instead of it showing up on top like stackable forum style.

    I'm 50/50 whether I'll use this q&a or simple press.
    Not sure what the ramifications are when there are hundreds of questions and topics.
    My purpose?
    I advise people on business and marketing strategies. So a wide range of business and marketing topics will be there. If I use a forum, I can see trouble trying to stay up on all the possible topic sections that would need to be created.
    If I use q&a it's all in there, I can add categories at will, and it's all searchable.
    Currently I chose the q&a categories and top users in my side bar. A nice addition.

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    yes, the direct question is this:
    How do I only show the q&a categories in the q&a applied areas?
    Right now, if I put the q&a widgets in my side bar, they also show in my blog, and don't make sense there, and my blog widgets in the side bar show in the q&a area, which also doesn't make sense there.

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    Short version: Yes there is a way.

    Long version: This requires some customizations on the template files, using template functions and hooks. As those files, functions and hooks are quite explanatory, I think you didn't have the chance to investigate them, or you don't have the required php knowledge to look at them. For the latter case, I can only recommend to hire a developer to customize Q&A for your needs.

    Please note that we guarantee Q&A as it is presented. In addition to that we also provide support you to fit it in your theme and show samples of customizations, but we don't customize it ourselves.

    In your case, category widget is the sample itself.


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