Where is the table of subscription levels for visitors?

Dumb question: Not that I have setup Prosites, where do visitors go to sign up like it shows in the tutorials: "Pro Sites displays a table of subscriptions with the site’s current level highlighted for easy reference."

I see the page Pro Sites was created, but it's empty. Is it because I am currently using the membership plugin?

Thanks, Joe.

  • Charlie Pryor
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    You might also be seeing all of this blank and stuff because you're logged in as the admin, and not actually with an account that owns a normal Pro Site.

    Those video tuts should help you out. Notice this video here in particular:

    At 2:18 into the video, I show you how levels are created and such. In order to see the page where I update my account, I log in with a new account that has a fresh site. While logged in with this other account, and not the admin account, I see a button for "Pro Upgrade" in the top right corner. When I click this, I'm taken to the page to upgrade my account.

    Does doing something similar to this work the same way for you?

  • joejacobson
    • The Bug Hunter

    Thanks for your suggestions. I had watched all 10 of the video tutorials, but I went back and re-listened to the one above.

    To answer you question, yes, I see the Pro Upgrade, but when I click on it, it goes nowhere.

    I think my issues go deeper. For one thing, when I'm in the Settings for Prosite, when I click on "update checkout page," it goes nowhere. Also, when I click on "save changes," at the bottom of Settings, I get an error message "A valid URL was not provided." I was just on a session with Aaron trying to figure out this issue. He concluded that I screwed up the database by changing the table prefixes. I'm working on that issue separately.

    When I look at my page "Pro Sites," it is empty even when I'm logged out. I have things so bungled up, I'm wondering if it would help to delete Prosites, and try to get a fresh start.

    I'm not even sure how a visitor to my site signs up in the first place. I currently have the Membership active to sign up member subscribers. Do I need to disable this subscription part for Prosites to work.

    Quite a mess. What do you suggest? In the meantime, today, I had a bunch of people sign up, but it also looks like spam members.

    Thanks, Joe.

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