where should the "free" level start ?


i understand that if i do NOT choose "pay to blog", all initial sites created are "free".
i prefer and want this method.

my question for creating the levels is this,
should i set level 1 as free with $0 for the pricing or does each level starting from 1 act as the upgrades ?

kind regards,

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Randall!

    Think of the default "free" level as level zero, then any additional levels you create (starting with level 1) will be upgrades from level zero. So if level 1 is also free, but has more stuff, it would still be an upgrade from the default level.

    What you can do, however, is make level 1 the default, after you create it, then you can bypass the ProSites default free level altogether, if that suits your needs better.

    Hope this helps, Randall!

  • amused

    ok thanks,
    so basically i want the initial sign up site to be free and specify a couple plugins and themes.

    1 - this can only be done by creating a free level 1 and set that as "default" as you said ?

    2 - but this would not be necessary if i just network activate the desired plugins and themes for the initial free site that i want to start with these ?

    3 - how do i make a level "default" as you said ?

    kind regards.
    thanks again Michelle.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Randall!

    I just double checked in Pro Sites, and you're correct, the default level is the default level, we can't assign your lowest tier to that level.

    So, I set up my site with a free level on the lowest tier, then a handful of tiers above it, and used "anyone" for some plugins and network activated themes I wanted available on the free level, and it all worked great for me.

    Does this help clear it all up?

  • amused

    sorry but i have to admit i believe i am getting even more confused.
    i do not understand what u mean by "the default level is the default level".

    the plugin settings says "Pro Sites has a built-in free level by default" so i am leaning to believe what u initially mentioned "Think of the default "free" level as level zero", so from there i use "anyone" for plugins in the free level and network activate the themes for the free level because i don't see as mentioned any "anyone" under "premium themes". i may be seeing the whole picture (i hope) slowly but all this could really be avoided with more detailed documentation.

  • aristath

    Hello again @Randall, I hope you're well today!

    actually i just noticed the "anyone" option in the "premium plugins" settings.
    i can use this instead of "network activating" the plugin to make it available on free sites ?


    there is no "anyone" option in the premium themes" settings, so i will have to network activate themes i want to be available as free ?

    Correct again.

    In Pro-Sites, you don't have to create an additional free level.
    Think of Pro-Sites as a membership plugin, but for sites instead of users.
    The purpose of pro-sites is to optionally restrict features of ALL sites, except those that are paying. So free sites (if you don't have the pay to blog addon enabled) simply don't get any of the premium features.

    Does that make any sense?