Where to change link color for the feature intro area (header type box) in Business Feature?

Hello, and thanks in advance for your time. For lifestylecrafting dot com, In theme Business Feature: I need to change the link text on the front page business feature intro area to white. I was able to do it under Appearance --> Custom Styling and, under the Design Styling area, changed "choose your link color" to #FFFFFF -- The problem with that is that it changes some of my other links white, making them invisible against my already white background.
How can I change this button text link color without changing other site link colors? I'm willing to create a graphic button to put there, if that's the only work-around, but I haven't the slightest which file to edit (php, css, and in which folder... been searching and troubleshooting...) or what code to look for in it. Please advise. I have a screenshot I could upload, but I don't see where to add attachments to this question...

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @BizSavvyDiva

    Thank you for your post and being part of our Community!

    I would just quickly like to go through the steps of setting up the theme (just to establish what you've done so far):

    Go to WP Admin Dashboard » Appearance » Preset Style and select the default.css stylesheet.

    Now go to WP Admin Dashboard » Appearance » Custom Styling and look for the option 'Choose your button text colour'.

    This should get you sorted without having to change any code yourself. If however, it doesn't, then please let me know and we can look at adding some custom code on a child theme.

    Have a good day and look forward to receive your feedback.


  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @BizSavvyDiva

    Thank you for your latest post.

    Please confirm whether you've changed any theme files or added any custom code, maybe created a child theme?

    I don't have a problem changing the button wording color on my test lab and it doesn't affect any other links on my site. Also, when I inspected the code on the site you provided, I found that some code were not standard on the Business Feature theme styling. I couldn't find the code in any of the theme files.

    So your input will be greatly appreciated so I can assist further.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!


  • BizSavvyDiva

    I haven't done anything that would effect that, no. The only thing I changed in the code was line 2156 of _inc/css/businessfeature.css where I changed #D24F1D to #1994FF and in my wordpress code editor I edited the footer.php. That's all I've changed, besides a couple of image replacements via ftp upload/override, which weren't coding changes. If there are key pages/code missing from my theme, I'm concerned as to why...

    Out of the box, this theme has the feature header link text rendering as this color: #D24F1D (I think that's the code for it; it's a type of burnt orange/red in any event) . Under Appearance --> Custom Styling I changed my link colors to #1994FF. This is the change that is causing the aforementioned text to be blue. The trouble is, I don't want it to be #1994FF nor #D24F1D.

    I can change the "Choose your link colour" area to #FFFFFF and it'll render the link text the way Ii want, but then it messes up my other site links that I want to show as #1994FF/blue.

    I've gone through pages and pages of code trying to find some sort of reference to this area (feature header) but to no avail. Is there another term I should be searching for in the code? A particular php or css page I can tinker with to override this? I'm trying to think of work-arounds... Any direction on what files affect this area would be great. Thanks again for your help. Besides this issue, I love this theme.

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @BizSavvyDiva

    Here is a solution for you that I hope would work.

    First of all, can I ask you to make a note of all the changes you've done to the theme files and then adding it to the child theme that I will attach here.

    I've created a child theme for you and added a small piece of code in the child theme that should give you white wording for the button in question.

    .button a:link {
    color: #FFF !important;

    Now all other CSS changes that you've made before on the theme files, please add it to this child theme, below the code that I added. Also, if you made any changes to the php files, please make a copy of those files and add it in the folder of the child theme.

    Please add the attached child theme folder into the wp-content/themes folder so it would read wp-content/themes/business-feature-child.

    Now if you go to WP Admin Dashboard » Appearance you should see it listed as a child theme to the Business Feature theme. Now activate the Business Feature child theme.

    To make any changes to the Business Feature theme, go to /business-feature-child/_inc/css/child.css and just add your custom CSS code there. If for some reason the code doesn't work, please add add !important attached to it (as you will see I did with my custom code).

    You can greatly take advantage of having this child theme. If, for instance, you have to insert some code into page.php of the parent theme, you would loose the changes with updates. So simply make a copy of page.php from the parent theme into the child theme, add your edits and then have it in the child theme itself. Files in the child theme overrides the files in the parent theme, except for functions.php. Both functions.php are executed and of course all stylesheets.

    Hope my ramblings about child themes have helped. Here is the zip file. Please unzip and just add the folder business-feature-child as mentioned above into the wp-contents/themes folder.

    Let me know how you got on and if you still need further assistance.

    Have a super awesome day!


  • BizSavvyDiva

    Update: I haven't been able to find out if this will solve it since I keep getting a "parent theme missing" error... I'm reading up on child themes and troubleshooting this... the style.css reference in the child theme seems to match up fine. I'll have to work on it some more tomorrow, since I have classes to attend for the rest of this evening. On the bright side, having a child theme seems like it will prove very useful once I can get it working : )Remembering that experiential learning is the best kind helps me avoid frustration. I hope I can figure this out. Thanks again for your help.

  • BizSavvyDiva

    Okay, I have the child theme installed properly and activated now. Unfortunately, it hasn't changed the feature header link text color.

    Perhaps the issue is that ".button" isn't referring to the right name for this element? All of the other buttons on my site have been rendering the white link text all along, so it seems like this area was treated differently in the code. I think I need to know what the author/developer calls this particular section -- the header feature block -- in the code; then I can edit the css accordingly. I may be wrong, I'm no coder, just trying to figure this out. Please advise.

    FYI: the reply and edit buttons in comments are rendering the same way; with the blue text links instead of white.

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