Where to find a WP Performance expert to help me?

I've got 2 blog sites. Both are similarly setup, with mostly the same plugins, but different themes. Both are on CloudWays' Digital Ocean servers. Both have experienced big spikes in traffic the last few days. One (which actually received the biggest spike in traffic) is just fine, handling it all without issue. The other, maxed out the resources (CPU mostly, RAM sometimes) on the server it was on, so I pulled it off of there and put it on a server by itself. It ran fine a couple days, then started maxing out again. I scaled that server up, and it quickly maxed out again. We killed all plugins, and it seemed to run fine for a while, hardly using any CPU. However, it needs the plugins for things like building the email list, social sharing, etc. It isn't running any WPMUDEV plugins.

So I started re-enabling them a few at a time, watching the CPU useage. However, the server has Varnish which adds a variable, where we have to purge Varnish to get an accurate picture of what those changes have done. Anyway, I've spent a bunch of time trying to figure out which plugin(s) are causing problems and am not really getting anywhere. The site's stable, but not running the SEO plugin. I'd like that enabled for the obvious reasons (it also sets Social Media sharing options, which is where a lot of this traffic is coming from), as well as the security plugin, JetPack for the related posts icons, and others that aren't currently running, since CPU useage is high once again....

At this point I've spent too much time and can't afford any more. I really need someone who's an expert in these things and can really dig into the results produced by the logs, plugins like Query Monitor, and even New Relic data (the lite/free version is running on the server). I can look at that stuff and get an idea of what's going on, but it's not very precise or accurate. I need someone who can look at that and be like "oh yeah, looks like this plugin is causing it. Let's try reinstalling it to see if the files were corrupt." --or whatever the solution may be. Where do I find someone like that? I'm happy to pay, as long as the price isn't too ridiculous. I just really need some help from someone that can be trusted and has proven experience/knowledge in this very kind of thing. Any ideas on where to find someone like that?