Where to find Mobile redirect & multisite to single site migration

Hi there Wpmudev.

I urgently need some help here with a site that I am busy updating. I've created the new site on my own dev domain(multisite) with WPMUDEV's Upfront. I now need to migrate the site
as a single site to their domain(Not a WP site).

Here is the originial page URL: http://www.teniquatreetops.co.za

I need asssitance with the migration process however I am trying the method found here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/moving-a-single-site-off-multisite-installation-to-its-own-hosting

On top of this the site has a mobile redirect/resize which only happens when using a mobile device. The URL to that site is: m.teniquatreetops.co.za

EDIT: I Would like to keep the use of the current mobile page instead of recreating it after the migration.