Where to find the guru I'm looking for ?

Hello world,

I’m working on a web platform selling/exchanging precious metals such as gold/silver, including an e-wallet but my resources are limited. A good example of the direction I’m heading is : https://www.bullionvault.com

I need someone motivated to contribute to such project. *it could be a life-changing adventure as it’s a long term venture.

Is this the right place to ask such question ?

There’s not enough time to do it all so I’ve decided to get some help :slight_smile: and I’m looking for a Guru to help with the back office development .. Know anyone available these days to start a new project ? *it could even be a part-time position

Obviously, I could do it by myself with the help of the support team here but I feel like there’s so many to do and would prefer focus on the marketing, while supervising the web dev. *as there’s a lot of custom work to do.

Voila, I said it.

Thanks for reading.

Any ideas/help/recommendations you may have will be appreciated.