where to get Upfront? Can't find it anywhere??? Shouldn't

where to get Upfront? Can't find it anywhere??? Shouldn't it be much easier to find?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey @bfcreative,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Let me please explain this a bit: Upfront is a theme that's a parent theme for Panino, Scribe, Spirit and Fixer child themes. There's no way to use it without one of these themes.

    The installation procedure is very simple. By going to your dashboard's

    "WPMU DEV" -> "Themes" page

    and clicking "Install" right below any of those four aforementioned themes you install both Upfront (parent theme) and and selected child theme. This is done automatically.

    If you for any reason need to edit Upfront's (as in "parent theme") files, you can do it via "Appearance" -> "Editor" page (just select "upfront" from a drop-down list), though I wouldn't recommend it.

    If you'd like to remove Upfront completely, you only need to disable "WPMU DEV Dashboard" plugin for a moment and "Upfront" (parent theme") will immediately appear on theme list ("Appearance" -> "Themes").

    I think I pretty much covered it all but if you need any further help with this, I'll be glad to assist.


  • bfcreative

    Wow! Fast response. Thanks for explaining. I have been buying various themes from other vendors and customizing for clients. I stumbled on to you guys and love all of the plugins etc. available. Im new to your system but want to get very good at it.
    I do have one more question...

    Do I need to have the dashboard installed on each site I create, since my clients will probably need to go into the WP backend to edit content, text etc. and I dont want anything to get accidentally deleted or installed by a client. What is your best advice for how a desigener can best use and stay organized with several sites built within your framework?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey @b@bfcreative!

    The "WPMU DEV Dashboard" is not a must. It's needed to install Upfront but otherwise, once installed it should work fine without it. The same applies to most of our plugins and themes.

    The major drawback here would be that without WPMU DEV enabled we might not be able to provide you with support in some cases. There's also a chance that some important updates or new releases may be missed. That said, the latter can be quite easily neutralized by keeping some kind of "dev site" with all the plugins and themes that you usually use installed (not necessarily activated) along with WPMU DEV plugin.

    If needed you can always enable WPMU DEV on clients site.

    As for managing multiple sites usually WP Multisite is a great solution. However, I do understand that this might not be a case here. That said, I think for multiple single sites (like your Clients' sites) these plugins might become very handy:



    Let me know please if you need any other help. I'll be glad to assist!


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