Where & Who Are New Users?

(by the way I resolved all my other issues I was having in other threads by re-installing my theme, plugins, and BuddyPress)

1. Ok, this is something I have never understood and I really need to now that this site is about to go live. When I sign up a test account on my buddypress register page, I activate it via the email, etc then it says activation complete, etc. But what I don’t get is, the new user does not show up in the SITE admin > Users > All Users, it only shows up in the NETWORK admin Users > All Users. This means that my client’s staff will not be able to see the BuddyPress members in their site admin users area right? Why is this?

2. Another issue I am having now is that when checking what the actual WordPress ROLE the new BuddyPress user was by testing it with a function like this:

if( current_user_can( 'author' ))

…the BuddyPress new user didn’t match any of them. I tried Editor, Author, Member, Subscriber, Moderator, Contributor, Key Master… and even Blocked and Inactive (whatever those are) and none of them affected this new user. What role is WordPress even giving the new BuddyPress users? I have verified that the new BP user does not have access to the WP admin dashboard at all, so that is good. But I need to be able to filter certain aspects of the site in addition to this, thus I need to know how to use the above conditional for BP users.

3. After I get this sorted, is there a plugin or function I can use that would cause new BuddyPress registrants to be automatically redirected to the BP Groups area when logging in?