Which Authorize.net's "receipt method" should I choose if I'm using Membership?

I'm setting up my Authorize.net account to use with WPMUdev's Membership plugin. Authorize.net is asking me to choose a "receipt method." This is what they say:

"Note: This setting might depend on how your website is integrated with the payment gateway. Please contact the person that integrated your website or your Web developer before changing these settings.

"Select the Receipt Method you would like to use. This refers to the manner in which you would like transaction information to be passed back to your website when the customer clicks the default receipt link.

LINK – This method does not return any transaction information.

GET – This method returns order information in the HTTP header of the Web page targeted by the Default Receipt URL.

POST – This method returns information like an HTML form with hidden fields containing the transaction information."

So, should I choose Link, Get, or Post?

Thank you! :slight_smile: