Which combination of plug-ins to make this work?

Hello! I am working on a site for a client that is going to have to accomplish a few specific features, and I want to know which combination of plug-ins will accomplish this best.

The site is for a dog rescue

Main Site
Content will include static and dynamic content. Dynamic content includes events, fundraising, learning opportunity content on the blog, and most importantly, the dogs available for adoption. The dogs will be a custom post type, and they will start with the category of "adoptable", then move to "adopted". There will also be forms for submission: applications for adoption, fostering, volunteering, etc.

There will need to be a log-in for the rescue staff to review forms, add content (blog, dog stats, etc.) as well as a behind the scenes community/forum for q&a type stuff about specific dogs for the foster parents. They also need to be able to submit forms, receipts, vet records, etc. to the dog's profile for reimbursement.

The record keeping factor is important - each dog needs to have all his/her documentation from the fosters (notes on behavior, medical, food, evaluations) move across the history of the post, but also allow the adoptive parents to log in and update the dog's info for the microchip, download the vet files, and also participate in a q&a type "membership" type community.

Also will need to be able to accept donations (Probably using Give plug-in) and manage a database of Refusals for adoption.

SO! Any suggestions/recommendations would be great. Thank you!!