Which object cache plugin is compatible with HB?

Do you know which plugin can have an object cache function? I'm trying to locate one that won't crash with Hummingbird.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Will

    Using multiple caching plugins on a single site usually makes worse as they usually conflict with each other.

    But an object cache drop in will work with hummingbird. That means, if your server host configures the object cache, then it will work without any conflict. Most managed hostings offer this feature.

    About the warning when you HB and W3TC together, if you are sure about the configuration you are doing, you can ignore the warning. But if you misconfigure, then the site will break. Most of the users don't have enough knowledge to configure both plugins together based on the site they are using, so the warning is put in there.

    I can also see on chat note that you tried redis cache plugin, and found an error. Do you remember, what was the error?

    Have a nice day!


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