which payment gateway is used in Affiliates Plugin?

I wish to deploy affilaites plugin in combination with the Memberships Plugin.
How are affiliates paid? through which gateway? Through all the gateways available with Memberships?

  • Alexander

    Hi @aam,

    Affiliates doesn't do payouts automatically, but it is based on PayPal. It will track everything for you, and allow for the export of a Mass Pay text file including the PayPal email addresses and total payouts for your affiliates. Then you can submit this to PayPal to have everyone paid.

    Our Affiliate plugin definitely works with Membership though. You don't even need to use a particular payment gateway. Affiliates will track the sales each affiliate is responsible for so you can pay them later through PayPal

    Best regards,

  • aam

    Thanks for the response, @Alexander Rohmann

    Why should you need to do this only with Paypal? Why cannot we pay to affiliates using all the Payment Gateways made available to us in the membership script? Further, why should we need to upload this list of payees manually? Why cannot we integrate this functionality so that the admin only needs to approve the payment and be able to make the paymentt with a click for the selected affiliates.

    I request you to put these features forth for incorporation into the affiliates plugin. Alternatively, let me know how do I initate this process.

  • Alexander

    Hi @aam,

    This is not as easy as you're making it out to be.

    PayPal provides a service called Mass pay which allows you to upload a spreadsheet of PayPal email addresses and payment totals. Then it will make all the payments for you, and you will be charged the fees instead of your customers.

    Not all merchant accounts have that ability. And none are as easy to use as PayPal. For example, Stripe has "connect" but it would require each of your affiliates to go out and setup a Stripe account. For this they'd need to jump through hoops and link their bank account.

    PayPal is just the most ideal for this.

    You could always take the exported file and submit it to another merchant processor - you would just need to format it to their standards, and this is assuming they offer a similar service.

    I understand you'd like to make a feature request, but is there something specific you're requesting? What payment provider would you like to use specifically?

    Best regards,

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