Which plug ins to use

Can someone please clarify....

Buddypress / MU site install.

Is this correct?

Membership plug in to manage sign ups & memberships & access to buddypress

Pro Sites to manage blog creation and other support features....

I am having trouble figuring out how these two plug ins work together...

Is there a tutorial...

I have also posted a request for someone to pay as a consultant to help me... I need someone for a couple of hours to set this up for me I think...



  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Len,

    Membership has an Add-on that lets you associate a Supporter (this plugin was the precursor to Pro Sites) subscription with a Membership Subscription Plan. If you activate that Add-on, you'll see a Supporter integration option at the bottom of the page when setting up Membership Subscription Plans as follows:

    Pro Sites should still be able to work with that option, however, it's not multi-level capable, meaning that what it does is associates the Membership Subscription Plan with a "Pro" status, which would be any site that is a Pro site (sites that have not upgraded via Pro Sites will be seen as non-Pro, or free, sites).

    I believe the developer's working toward getting that updated for further integration with Pro Sites, though it does work currently on a single Pro Sites subscription basis.

    I'll ping the developer on this too, to see how that's going to go.


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