Which plugin is best for selling domain names from private portfolio

I read this already but didn't see any solutions: The wpmudev domain selling solution supplication.

Looking for a plugin that will make selling domains from my portfolio as easy as possible. Reliability is important as well as keeping my website safe from spam/hacks. A "buy it now" feature to PayPal would be nice. A separate page/post with "similar" or "suggested" domain names appearing would be great.

Would like this process to be as automated as possible. My WP skills are a little between beginner and intermediate but I'm not opposed to editing some code.

Please help me find a reliable/safe solution to easily automate selling domains from my portfolio.

Thanks everyone!

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi @E.J.

    Welcome to the WPMU Dev community and thank you for your question.

    You can try using our following Domain Mapping plugin to sell domains.


    You can also integrate it with our following Multi-Domains and Pro Sites plugins.


    Please advise if you have more questions.

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • E.J.

    @ Jack

    Here's an overview of what I'd like to accomplish.

    My MAIN business website will "advertise" certain domain names for sale (ones I already own). Like writing a blog post and linking to a specific domain name for sale, page/post. There will also be a link in the menu of the MAIN business website to the DOMAIN FOR SALE website homepage (this main domain isn't for sale and is an exact-match domain for selling domains) that will essentially "house" the domain market place/auction house (or buy it now price).

    So if I had 10 domain names to sell, each would receive a separate page/post. Having that page/post show up in the browser as it's very own domain name (not the DOMAIN FOR SALE url) would be great but I don't know enough about the pros/cons or if the "juice would be worth the squeeze" in terms of time spent for payoff.

    On each of the 10 separate pages/posts, there would be information about the domain name: age, price, auction or buy it now, a way to contact me/ask a question, etc. Each of these pages would also show related or featured domains names for sale with links to that specific sale page/post.

    Open to advice with this one: My thought is that for Buy It Now domain listings, people would be directed to Paypal's site for the purchase. Or I can use a shared SSL that comes with my hosting plan.

    Meanwhile, this DOMAIN FOR SALE site would still be able to operate as a WP site (separate pages, blog posts, etc) with links to various domain for sale pages/posts.

    The WP theme will more than likely be StudioPress, but am open to a WPMUdev theme.

    I would like to offer the domains I currently own, for sale... instead of relying on auction sites. I found this plugin but would like to see what options I have using WPMUdev plugins first. check out: htmlpie.com/domain-for-sale-wordpress-plugin

    I would like each domain to have a separate page/post.

    It would be nice to have that domain name show up in the browser for its corresponding page/post (is this the domain mapping you're referring to).

    It would be cool if I had a way to offer people to purchase domains names (newly registered) from a vendor, but this would be down the road.

    Depending on how this project evolves, maybe offer others with domain names for sale, the opportunity to "submit" a domain to sell through my website for a fee.

    Basically, I am looking to create something that would be similar to selling through a domain auction site but on a much smaller level and fairly automated.

    I am definitely open to any and all suggestions / input. I really don't even know what is available/possible and logical.


  • DavidM

    Hi E.J

    Thanks for your explanation, I see what you have in mind now. :slight_smile: As you mentioned the sites have blog posts, it would be best to use Multisite for this sort of thing, more details on that here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/manuals/wordpress-multisite/

    With Multisite, you could create a sub-site per each domain then use Domain Mapping to map your domains to the respective sub-sites:

    You could also use MarketPress for the whole purchase process:

    So basically, on each site you could have just a single product (with a quantity of 1) representing the domain name for sale. Then when a user purchases it, the product would be unavailable for other users, it'd be purchased. You then just manually handle the switch of the domain name over to the person who purchased.

    To make this all easier for you too, you could use New Blog Template to setup a template site: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/new-blog-template/

    Then set that template as a default so whenever you create new sites, they'll look and function just like that site and you could then just make basic edits to accommodate the domain for sale there.

    How does that sound?


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