Which plugin to use for guided tours? Events or Appointments?

OK, I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out.

I'm building a site for a client who does guided walking tours and wants to sell tour "tickets" through his site.

Because he doesn't want to do a tour without making at least $X, he wants to set the minimum price for a couple at $100 and then sell additional tickets at $20 each, up to 10. So if it's a couple with two kids, they'll pay $140, and then if another couple wants to sign up for the same tour, they'll pay $40.

I don't necessarily think this makes sense from a business standpoint, but this is what he wants.

So basically, I'm trying to figure out how to set this up in a plugin. I've tried fooling around with Events and with Appointments+/Marketpress integration, but I can't seem to figure out whether it's possible to:

a) have someone be able to purchase multiple tickets at different prices
b) have the plugin force-sell the 2 $50 tickets first.

Can someone tell me whether it's possible and help me configure these options? Thanks!

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi there,

    You would need different products with different prices (maybe just make several bundles like family tickets price includes 2 adults +2 children etc.) or maybe a minimum order level etc.

    Which ever way you go, i think your are going to have to do some customisation to the actual code.

    Will ask our dev to provide some more feedback for you.



  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    Appointments+ is designed for one to one meetings (a single client is served by a single provider/specialist) on ongoing business models with some minor exceptions only. And you can make bookings hourly, not daily.

    So in either of these cases A+ is not suitable for you:
    1) With specific and/or random dates, e.g. 1st-2nd of November, 10-13th of December, etc.
    2) If booking will be done on daily basis, e.g. for 2 days, 5 days.
    3) More than one person is applying.

    For the above cases Events+ is the right solution.

    It may be possible to customize Events+ prices to fit your case with some custom coding, but lead developer Vladislav can clarify that.

    I am moving this thread to Events+ and flagging Vladislav to have his opinion too.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    The Events+ plugin in recent versions does enable you to have multiple ticket prices out of the box via Membership integration - but multiple prices are assigned per-level, which might be less flexible then you need them to be for the scenario you outlined. However, as Hakan said, pretty much the entire Events+ pricing and payment process can be extended and customized to suit your needs with some custom code.

  • kandaio
    • New Recruit

    Hi all,

    I am also developing a similar tour based solution that requires quantity discount pricing rules, and similar to Allison I was hoping Appointment+ could do this with the power of Marketpress.

    While I certainly see why Events+ is better suited for groups, it would make a lot more sense to connect Events+ to Marketpress to allow more pricing and payment options like those Allison and I require. As there is already Membership integration built into Events+, and Marketpress has the ability to integrate with Appointment+, wouldn't it be fairly easy to implement this?

    Allison and I would greatly appreciate this integration so I would ask that you please consider it, and you have my thanks for any help you can provide for quantity discount pricing rules.

    Many thanks for the already stellar customer service and support!

  • kandaio
    • New Recruit

    Hi Tom,

    I was suggesting in the above post that if your team could make an Events+/Marketplace integration, then Allison and I would be able to use Events+ for our tour booking solutions. It would also increase the power and flexibility of the Events+ platform by allowing for complex prices and multiple payment options, so I am hoping there is enough incentive there to justify writing some integration code.

    Please let us know if this is doable, and if it is your plugin suite would suite my project requirements so if the development can be done please count me in for the longer term membership as we discussed over email.

    Many thanks to you and your great team!

  • kandaio
    • New Recruit

    You are the absolute best Tom, you have my utmost thanks. You have been tremendous throughout this entire process!

    It would definitely be huge for WPMU to cater to the Tour operator market, as currently the existing competition's plugins require 3rd party backends with very large SaaS costs, and their front end wordpress solutions don't even come close to the great stuff WPMUdev puts out, not to mention the fantastic products you guys have to integrate!

    Hats off to the developers, hope you guys can work out something great!

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