Which plugins could I use to achieve this?

Hi there,

I'm a new member, courtesy of the excellent deal you arranged with AppSumo! :slight_smile:

I'm looking to build a website which allows users to sign up, fill out a profile of sorts, link to their social media pages and have a few pages (a limited number) where they can add more or less any content. There would be a few levels of membership, eg a free level to have just the profile page with adverts shown, another level which removes the ads, another level which allows the extra pages - something like that. I'm looking through your plugins to see how I could achieve something like this. I apologise for keeping my idea quite vague, but I'd rather keep the details of it to myself for the time being.

I can see how I could use Membership and Pro Sites to achieve parts of this. I think I would also be looking at using a custom post type perhaps for the profile page. I saw that using one of your plugins I could limit the number of posts/pages users can create. Can I also use the plugin to limit the number of any custom post types? I'm hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction on other plugins which might help. Also, a HUGE bonus would be if there's a way that I can allow users to save a PDF version of their profile page.

Any suggestions you can give me will be very much appreciated! Let me know if there's any other information which might help you to help me.

Thanks so much,