Which plugins should I use?


I'm looking for some suitable plugins for my new website.

What I would like to do with the website is:

- Have a shout box that members could contribute to and that would show adverts submitted by members.
- Have a facility on the shout box that can enable users to restrict the view by certain criteria e.g. country, region, club or something like that.
- Have a feed from the shout box that other sites in the same niche can put on their websites.
- Have a market area where people can see equipment/products for sale by members and can complete the purchase of them on the website.
- Have a membership area where people can submit their shout box entries for free, their paid adverts for the shout box page and their equipment/products for sale in the market.
- Have a part of the membership area where members can complete their market transactions.

So, can anyone suggest which plugins I could use that do any of these functions and, perhaps, suggest how they could be installed to be able to work together seemlessly?