Which plugins to use?

I have a client that has very specific wants and needs and I am trying to wrap my head around it. This is what she wants:

1. She wants to sell memberships, which will provide the client with their own site in a subfolder. There is only one level of membership and it is for a two year period.
2. Every website will use the same theme.
3. Every website needs to have the same content (Use New Blog Templates?).
4. The client would prefer that this standardized content to be update-able across the entire network so that if she needs to tweak content, it will effect all previously signed-up members as well.
5. Her customers would be able to customize their individual sites via front-end forms. The customer would NOT login to the Wordpress dashboard to edit their pages. We're using Formidable, but the redirect in the form needs to be a relative link in order to work across multiple sites. In other words it should redirect to a page in each subfolder rather than the full URL. Am I clear on that? Ugh!
6. That brings us to needing a redirect plugin so that when someone logs into their site it goes to their front page as opposed to the dashboard.
7. There is an entire section of content - consistent from site to site - that needs to be password protected. So while some of the customizable stuff will be available, the pre-loaded stuff would be password protected.
8. Everything needs to be completely automated so that she doesn't have to do anything but market the site.

Soooo. Do you think this can be done? Would it be a combo of Pro Sites, New Blog Templates, Membership? Or two of the three? Plus a redirect plugin? We've been spinning in circles, so any suggestions would be appreciated. :o)