Which site structure do you advice for own sites


I am thinking about the best way to structure my own sites and customers sites in one multi side installation.

All our services are related to handcraft companies and consumers lokking for them.

So we do use directory for the listings of all companies in for example one projekt, but also different kinds of webpages for the handycraft companies ( with Pro Sites)


1) Can Directory and Pro sites work together in one multi site installation? Or Do you advice me to split in different sites? I

2)How can I manage Plugins and themes for my sites as i have to put them out of Pro Sites ( Plugins for example can be used from evrybody if i want to have them installed for my sites

As far as I understand Pro Sites must be installed in the network to handle all Webpages of the customers,.. ok

Can I make my own site for directory ( like multisite/directoryproject, das it makes sense?

A lot of Questions,... may you can let me know whats your idea how the structure these sites ,... even if there are more services planned for the future

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Joerg

    I hope you are well today and thanks for your questions.

    1:They can indeed work together within the same site/multisite setup.

    2: For your own sites on the network and not for the customers site on the network? You could upload them in plugins > add new, and not network activate them.

    You can then activate them on your site only and also use the premium plugin module of Pro Sites to control their use across the network.

    You don't have to have Pro Sites installed, to manage pages etc for the customer, Pro Sites is used to limit publishing of pages/posts, plugins, themes and to allow you to charge for sites on your multisite network.

    But if you don't need any of that, you don't need Pro Sites installed :slight_smile:

    Can I make my own site for directory ( like multisite/directoryproject, das it makes sense?

    You can indeed :slight_smile: In Network admin > sites > add new, you can add any other sites there, as well as also signing up for one on the front-end of wp-signup.php :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Joerg

    Hello again,...

    thx for your very fast reply ,...

    Talking about my sites in the multi sites installation again,...

    I allready created them without Pro Sites,... but Pro Sites installed in the network,... in the Site list ther is a message,... "This is not a Pro Sites site....

    But any time I want to create a site with for example a shortcode,... it says ... " enable the embedding html, please upgrade to Handwerkerstart (which is my free level)

    This is strange,... as it is not Pro Site site

    Thx in advance

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