Which theme and plugins to select? What to install on cPanel root system?

First, glad to know that some of you guys are Melb based :slight_smile:

Second, I need help. I would like to create a paid membership site that would allow its members access to website themes, plugins, software and tutorials without constant up-sells.

It is due to my frustration and money spent whilst trying to match my non-existent newbie skills to site building, money making, understanding the net, cPanel etc. Your help will prevent me from making mistakes at the foundation level.
This site should allow its members:
1. personal login
2. their own cPanel access
3. download themes, plugins, use software on member site's platform
4. member's creation is not life. They set up a 'coming soon' or pre-launch screen
5. no need to buy hosting or domain names
6. choose the themes, plugins, software that best suit them

My goal is to show people that building sites, making money and sharing wealth is 100% do-able, not just by the tech savvy.

a) less frustration of learning new skills
b) no need to spend money (even though everyone says they will refund)
c) when they buy, they already know they have the skills that match the product
d) experience the product/s
e) I would like this site to be a 30-45% fund-raising site for various charities and I would like to know if there is a plugin that allows clients to choose who they would like % of their membership fees to support (on checkout)

Thank you Thank you :slight_smile: